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comment by kleinbl00

3 concepts I ran up the chain back when I was a screenwriter:

- You know who deserves a fuckin' movie? Moneypenny. She's this semi-homely receptionist who constantly gets hit on fakely by a drunk douchebag who mostly exists to create catastrophic messes in swank locales and third world countries that she has to coordinate the clean-up on. Let's do a movie about this forgotten woman and the fact that she basically coordinates the world for a hired killer with a martini habit.

Of course, "Moneypenny" is a series of books in which of course she's a secret agent.

- Let's do a movie about those guys who get shot immediately whenever Bond shows up - I want like three guys who work for SPECTRE or whatever but they're just trying to pay for their kids' school or their mom's dialysis or whatever and then this limey fuck with a sociopathic streak shows up and tries to blow up their secret moonbase.

"Nobody wants to do a movie about henchmen." (fun fact: I know not one, not two, but three former assistants who tried to get their bosses to sign off on The Walking Dead before Frank Darabont bought it)

- The only Bond scenario that makes sense is if he's a Chinese resident of Hong Kong who grew up in London and went to Eton and shit and faces all sorts of prejudice amongst upper class Britons all the while attempting to protect British interests in a world now dominated by an ascendant Communist nation.

"Silly rabbit. Jackie Chan would never be James Bond.