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comment by b_b

Totally agree with other comments here that consumables are the way to go. Just speaking for myself (and that may very obviously have nothing to do with whomever you're buying a gift for), I like to receive things to eat or drink more than anything else. A bottle of champagne, for example, is one of my favorite gifts, and I will never tire of it, yet my wife struggles to find "the prefect present" for me each birthday. Sometimes she succeeds, as in the time she bought me new binoculars, but in the end, I'm happy with a meal, a baked good from some specialty shop, or booze of almost any variety. I think this is such a perfect gift because not only do I like the thing itself, but I also rarely want more stuff. Giving someone stuff that they then have to find a place for, take care of, etc, can be kind of a dick move.

All that said, I'm currently buying my wife a V60 Polestar in the classic Polestar blue, because it's her favorite car. Nice and tasteful, sure. Inexpensive? Um....

WanderingEng  ·  362 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I'll caution against food or alcohol unless you know the person enjoys food and alcohol in the context of what you're gifting. Do I like cookies? You bet! Put a dozen cookies in front of me and I'll eat them all in the next hour. Do I want a dozen cookies? I do not. Gifting me cookies would annoy me. Work likes to do food rewards. Company gets some award? Pizza party! This week it was National Hot Dog Day. I enjoy all of that but don't actually want it because screwing up my diet makes me feel like trash, yet turning them down is seen as rude or anti social.