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comment by elizabeth

I feel a good inexpensive gift is a gift that took time, thought and/or effort.

Something like baking a persons favorite desert. Writing a heartfelt note/poem. Organizing a picnic.

My favorite gifts are the consumable kind. I hate having to store a bunch of knickknacks and rarely can someone pick the thing that I want. So cheeses, craft beer, fancy jams or rillettes are the most appreciated.

I don’t like celebrating my birthday much, so I usually escape somewhere on a trip if I can. It was my birthday last Friday so we went camping and whale watching in Tadoussac with my boyfriend, his sister and her fiancé. It was a blast! But when I came back on Tuesday my other friends invited me over and got a bunch of cheeses and we did a little BBQ in the backyard. I think it’s the best birthday celebration I ever had :)