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comment by goobster

My science teacher in Junior High School, Larry Little, told me the most important thing I ever learned in science, "DBK".

In Larry-speak, this translated as, "Don't Be Knowin'", or, "Science hasn't figured this out yet."

It was even a valid answer on tests. He would ask some yet-unanswered simple question, and the right answer would be "DBK".

That has stuck with me throughout my life... that there is stuff that science just doesn't know... yet. And, throughout my life, some of the DBKs actually have answers! Like "are we living in an inflationary universe, or not?", and other simple things we still don't have good answers for, like "when are you dead?", or "why do we dream?"

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I think it's a good philosophy to follow in general, not just in science. A lot of times, even in science, when we think we know something we often get new data or new information that makes us look at old knowledge in a new light. Sometimes that presumed knowledge is slightly modified, other times it has to be discarded outright.

It's interesting that you say this, because right now I'm reading two different books that both touched this philosophy also, in slightly different ways. They're not a direct 1:1 ratio connection, but there are parallel threads there.