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comment by goobster

"Meaningful". Interesting.

I write sales proposals for a living (right now). That means I am selling highly technical products to a non-technical audience, whose decisions are going to be publicly scrutinized and (possibly) questioned.

So I need to help these people get their head around our technology, and I have to do it on 8.5x11-inch paper, in "book" form; pictures and text.

And I have to be heard through the noise of the 30-odd other proposals they have gotten from other vendors, of lesser integrity and quality.

So I need to gently educate them - without being condescending - about a technologically complex product line, with a lot of potential add-ons and features that can be combined in a multitude of ways.

Once in a while, as I am writing, I hit on a turn of phrase that is going to really resonate with them. See, I have the Word doc open in my left monitor, and their original request document on my right monitor. So I can see their phrasing... read between the lines... glean what their issues are that they want our product to solve.

And something will flow from my fingertips, and I'll think, "I hope they don't skim this page, because that sentence is really going to help them out..."


Of course, I just interviewed for a new job today... and - holy shit - if I get this role, this job will answer this question in completely amazing and inspiring ways... fingers crossed...