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comment by Odder
Odder  ·  536 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Your job is killing you

Summary: Jobs are often stressful -> Stress is often the cause of drinking, overeating, not exercising enough -> Those bad lifestyle choices, combined with stress, are a common cause diabetes and heart disease. Missing from this analysis is that there are also other causes of literally all of those things. 60,000 premature deaths per year is a drop in the bucket even for deaths associated with diabetes and heart disease. It gets to the point where "improve working conditions drastically and completely overhaul your benefits and like 10ish of your employees might live a few years longer on average" is a pretty hard sell, all things considered.

There are a lot of other, better reasons to make workplaces less stressful, like improving employee retention and engagement, but then again, there are jobs where that (apparently) doesn't matter. On the other hand, I've heard enough clueless bitching about "not being able to find qualified work" that I wonder if it's just a massive American mental block that you have to pay people a decent wage and offer benefits to hire anyone qualified who is going to both show up on time and not jump ship in 8 months.

Also, it doesn't seem fair to compare workplace stress in America vs Western Europe. Work is inherently going to be more stressful in America compared to Europe due to the more dire consequences of losing your job in America, apart from how crappy your job is or how likely you are to be laid off. That's a hard problem to fix that has a lot to do with many other things and it seems like all the benefits of solving that will make "solving workplace stress" seem like an ancillary benefit.