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comment by user-inactivated

If Sanders is racist, then everyone is.

I grew up less than five miles from Tom Metzger, may he burn in hell. The Klan was active in Southern California based on an anti-Catholic, anti-Mexican agenda and in the 1980's was one of the strongest in the country. Short Article on the KKK in San Diego if you are interested I've been told I'm not white because of my Irish heritage. I've had friends who were in gun battles with KKK members. There were parts of San Diego I was told that under no circumstances should I ever go there. When I got out into the world away from family etc, and interacted with blacks and Mexicans, we all realized were were in the same general boat. My racism all but died for good when I was living in my car for a few years.

The only privilege in this world is cash. If your mom and dad have money you get to start the game on easy mode. If not? LOL, Fuck you.

Democrats need to take a giant fucking page from the '92 Clinton run. Focus like a laser on the Economy. Every time there is a camera in your face say "economy, jobs, healthcare, environment." Make this election about rebuilding the middle class and a lot of the white people who voted Trump will switch, at least from the people I interact with here in Banjostan.