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comment by tacocat
tacocat  ·  1333 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Importance of Rudeness

Rudeness gets attention. I don't like attention for its own sake, but I do so love to be rude. When I was younger and shy I'd just accept bad shit and move along. At 35 and occasionally confident, do not fuck with me. Apparently speaking with a vocabulary above an eighth grade reading comprehension makes me seem condescending to some people in general (stupid people) so when I want to be condescending I will destroy any amount of pride in anything have have about what I know of your life. Then comes the vulgarity. Some fucks and goddammits get you attention in situations where they're unexpected.

I'm most always polite and quiet though.

So I see a problem with being rude to assholes who deserve it. Because if you're a rude asshole 24/7 you probably don't even realize it. Some of these assholes get butthurt when they're on the receiving end. And some try to out-rude you. Point being, how can you get the attention of a spoiled, rude little 70 year old who mocked a disabled reporter? Since Parkland, I've seen various combinations of reactions, from Trump continuing to be a shithead to Marco Rubio seeming to change his stance on-the-fly in a town hall to Dana Loesch getting all butthurt on Twitter and at CPAC.

I'm rude when I need attention from someone who refuses to see a point I'm making which I feel is 100% valid and needs to be acknowledged. I see, (like David Brooks maybe?), so much vitriol from the Right that's just scattershot in all directions, I'm not sure these people will listen. And typing this out, I realize they won't. Unlike Brooks and like the author, I don't see civility as the answer. Fuck some shit up. Put a glass on Divid Brooks' coffee table without a coaster.

Some laser focused aggression at one issue seems to be working and I have high hopes that these kids will keep the discussion from simmering down again and being forgotten until a bunch of people get shot again