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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  683 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Starbucks Classroom

I can think of a few reasons.

1) Companies courting schoolteachers the way pharma reps court doctors indicates that there is far too much free capital flowing to places where it will never recoup itself, thereby demonstrating the top of a bull market in the economy

2) Something as altruistic as elementary school education becoming a place for sponsorship opportunities and mercenary shilling indicates the perversion of one of the most fundamental bedrock values of working-class America

3) The injection of superficial chatter a la Instagram and Twitter into the microcosm of 3rd graders indicates the legitimization of these trivial channels into something vouchsafed by society

Keep in mind though - the way it used to work is those teachers worked for administrators who worked for administrators who met with educational consultants who were courted by technology vendors who worked with suppliers who met with school boards who do dumb shit like decide the Los Angeles Unified School District needs to buy $1.3b worth of iPads.

The old model: some jackass at SMART technologies commissions a case study indicating that somehow or other kids learn better when you can turn whatever's on the whiteboard into a fuckin' PDF and all of a sudden every new school in the district needs a fuckin' smartboard in every fuckin' classroom to the tune of $2500 each plus install (but their old textbooks are just fine, thanks). Or some jackass at Sennheiser commissions a case study that indicates kids learn marginally better when their teacher sits up there like a goddamn aerobics instructor with a fuckin' headset on and all of a sudden every goddamn classroom needs a wireless mic and since there's no fucking way anybody there can coordinate 35 frequencies for 35 classrooms the only solution is Sennheiser Infrared and when you show that study to the superintendent of instruction his choices are (A) hate students learning (B) blow fucking $3k per classroom so that eighteen 2nd graders can listen to their teacher five feet away through a speaker ten feet away.

And the teacher isn't putting on the fucking microphone because she's not an aerobics instructor and she's not creating fucking PDFs of today's whiteboard scribblings because that's what handouts are for but if you're SMART or Sennheiser you have no fucks to give because you sold the gear anyway and if you're lucky, a maintenance contract to go with and you give two shits if it's being used.

OLD WAY: people like me decide.

NEW WAY: teachers decide.

The money gets spent either way. The difference is Amazon is chasing their millions one nickel at a time while SMART and Sennheiser and Apple just took your wallet, thanks.