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comment by Creativity
Creativity  ·  1500 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Macron is the new French President.

It was foreseeable: the polls indicated between 24 and 25%, and you could feel that France was divided between voting against Le Pen or not voting at all.

I mean, according to a poll post-election, 43% voted for Macron to block Le Pen. They do not adhere to his project. It's good news in the sense that we do not have Le Pen. Project-wise, it all depends where you stands. I believe there are some good ideas in his projects, as there are bad ones. I didn't vote for him in the first round but did in the second.

That's why the legislative election that will take place in a month will be really important to see if there is going to be any change.

Fun tidbits about Macron :

- he's 39 years old (youngest of the G20) ;

- was unknown three years ago ;

- was an investment banker at Rothschild for 2 years ;

- married his teacher who is 25 years older than him.