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comment by Devac

    It's a kinetic plasma theory course. We're taking a two or one-fluid plasma phase space distribution function into fourier space for dispersion relations, and laplace transforms to get into Fokker-Planck diffusion treatments.


I can kinda see how all that would connect, but that's it. I might as well tell you to "do a barrel roll".

    Every class here starts like "OK, so when we subtract two vectors..." and then two months later it's "...arriving, of course, at the Christoffel symbols, a rank X tensor containing the coefficients of fictitious forces arising form coordinate transformations".

It hits close to home. My GR course this semester started with "this is your typical gravitational potential, nothing fancy". It's nothing like that since week three.

    Thanks for listening by the way.

Come on, man. That's the least I could do, especially considering the walls of text that I'm usually dumping on you. I hope you'll get some break soon. And not the psychotic kind, just a normal leisurely type of break.