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comment by Devac

On today's session I will GM the final arc of my campaign. Seems to progress well so far, despite the fact I made it as open-ended as I could, they still managed to engage in some unpredictable shenanigans that made me seriously reconsider bits of the campaign.

Basically, players are members of Roman legion sent to scout ahead. There they found out about local rulers uniting to thwart the nearing army and seem to have enough people and wits to actually pull that off. Not on my players watch! They went full guerrilla on them, got some intel on various small rulers, their connections etc. They attacked one border territory between two rulers, made it look like a third party (unsurprisingly they chosen the guy who was most vocal about union) and afterwards started stirring the pot more and more. Basically, imagine CIA involvement in Roman conquest and it will be pretty close to what occurred in the span of last few sessions.

Last session they got uncovered! That means that the last arc is going to be a break-neck escape from barbarians who instead of getting their shit together to oppose legion spent few precious weeks at each other's throats. It was pretty damn epic and I hope that this daring escape is going to be as fun as their previous adventures.

I don't know about you guys, but that makes me grin so hard that I'm afraid that anything more and the top of my head will fall off. :D