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comment by alpha0
alpha0  ·  1121 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What the Corporate Media refuses to show you

Of course BoP wasn't a coup but the salient point was that best laid plans of mice and men can go wrong. Per hollywood ("the good shepherd") it was due to intel leakage. I also recently posted regarding the coup against De Gaul and apparently that is not contested. Indeed, cutting the head of the snake is an excellent way to get things done but not if the said snake finds unexpected input from other interested parties. In any event, the Turks are sure acting as if that is the case, so not sure what you make of that. Granted it could all be grand theatre.

Have no comments regarding Yeltsin's rise to power and the emergence of the Jewish Oligarchs but it is always good to remember Putin was Yeltsin's hand picked successor.

And you may have forgotten about this too or possibly you are too young.

How does one go about acclimating a nation viewing itself as "exceptional" to the dismantling of their own empire ...

Just remember we are mostly fed lies.