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comment by johnnyFive
johnnyFive  ·  1448 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense

What struck me about this is how this method could be used to make truly alien characters. You have a "writer" who is truly without baggage. I've always hated in sci-fi how AIs or aliens are at best weird people. Sure, there're some opportunities there to talk about the human condition, but we as humans will never be able to divorce ourselves from our own identities enough to create something totally different. This does just that.

It's also fearless. It's not worried about whether people get it, in a way no human can ever be. It's funny, really, that an AI could really be more "free" in the creative sense than a person.

I also liked thinking of the dialogue as being almost incomprehensible simply because it's from the future. The English of the 2300s will likely sound at least as awkward to us as the English of Shakespeare.

There're actually a couple of truly beautiful lines in this too.

    He looks at me, and throws me out of his eyes.

I knew exactly what she meant.