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comment by TheGreatAbider16
TheGreatAbider16  ·  2571 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: POST A SHORT POEM, A PHOTO AND A SONG - Here is mine, "Owls"

Brand new leather built blisters that bubbled

and burnt, glistening wet like a fresh tattoo.

It took miles of massaging before the stiff soles

learned to hold my feet like a lover.


I have sat for hours, a gargoyle polishing his pedestal

with wax and horsehair, rubbing brown salves

over cracks left by the desert winter air

and milky streaks of saltwater rich with lime.


In turn, my boots have guided me blindly over brick roads

and terracotta roofs. We’ve scaled sandstone towers

and dangled above canals washed in red light.

They carried me home quietly when it was time.


When my toes touched the rain, I emptied my pockets

before a small-mouthed man with dry-ice eyes and a beard

denser than rubber. He tore skin and stitches, transplanted

a new tar-black body onto a worn face.


The hospital floor is pale green.

My boots glow warm brown.

Swollen lips part under fluorescent light.

Some souls can’t be replaced.