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comment by jleopold
jleopold  ·  2989 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Vladimir Putin Immortal ?

Mythical creature? Nope. It's story time.

January 30, 1649. Following Cromwell's rise to power, Charles I faces the execution block. Even as the crowd cheers, the king still has his supporters. As the black-masked executioner leads him to the block, Charles I lets his haughty demeanor falter as he looks into his killer's eyes. An almost wink passes between them, and the fallen king says "Remeber!"

The hood in place, the king's head on the block, the axe raised evrypne watches the last moments of the British monarchy. From one corner of the crowd, the king's supporters raise a shout. As the crowd turns, the axe falls. The head rolls off the block. Under the platform though, Charles I survives; he simply cannot die. He flees to France. Legends forget him, the conspirators die, Charles II restores the monarchy, and Charles I becomes a martyr for a time. But, he soon grows tires of the stale life he musters in France. Louis XIV gains power, then dies. Charles must leave again, fleeing another execution. Years later, he moves to Prussia. A young Junker named Bismark risies to power, out of relative obscurity. Charles excells at arising from nowhere. He has lived everywhere, adapting his monarchist standards to the modern era. Over the past century or so, he has been in Russia, changing his name and some policies, but always ruling. So don't doubt that Putin is immortal. Only his name isn't Vladimir, it's Charles.