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comment by crafty

    [John's] complaint averred that John and Jane met at a party then proceeded back to his room where Jane initiated sexual intimacy, and the two proceeded to have consensual sex. The next morning, he drove her home, and they exchanged phone numbers. Jane later told a friend she "had a good time.” Thereafter, John and Jane became Facebook “friends,” and John texted her, “. . . I felt like we had a pretty good connection,” and she responded, "haha I thought we did as well.”

    Approximately one month after their initial encounter, they again had consensual sex. But then, Jane saw John at a party kissing another female and left upset. That summer, Jane went to work at a women's clinic that dealt with sexual assault issues. Seven months after the initial encounter, Jane visited a therapist, who said Jane’s had “an evolution” about how she felt about the initial encounter.

    Thereafter, Jane attended a presentation by Washington & Lee's Title IX Officer, Lauren Kozak, who introduced an Internet article the court would later label “gender biased” against males to alleged that "regret equals rape." Kozak said that “everyone, herself included, is starting to agree with” that.

    Almost nine months after the encounter in question, Jane initiated an internal disciplinary investigation of John. Ms. Kozak interviewed John and refused to allow him to involve an attorney. A hearing was held, and, among other irregularities, Jane was not asked about inconsistencies in her various statements about the encounter. ... The next day, W&L found John responsible for sexual assault.

Say what you will about this "#trollspam" (I'm looking forward to seeing community tags users become public) but the issues of this case do seem rather damning, unless I'm missing something. A woman who is the victim of rape is definitely a terrible tragedy, but in a case like this where a man and woman have consensual sex, then nine months later, she can go to university officials who, without due process, find him guilty of "sexual assault" and expel him, that is neither justice nor equality. Being gay, my perspective on man/woman sex is perhaps a little different, but rape and sexual assault should be treated like any other crime, investigated by police and courts with due process.

bioemerl  ·  3020 days ago  ·  link  ·  

This story is pretty legitamate, it's your clear agenda that is the troll spam.

crafty  ·  3020 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Yeah, the agenda bullshit is annoying. He does more harm than good to package a story like this in such ideological terms.

bioemerl  ·  3020 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Crap, by your green name I assumed you were the OP.