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comment by user-inactivated
user-inactivated  ·  1479 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: As someone who can't stand Nolan's movies, this is way too funny.

So if I like Chris Nolan's movies does that mean I'm incurious?

user-inactivated  ·  1478 days ago  ·  link  ·  

No, people can like whatever they want, I used to get down-voted to hell on reddit, every-time I criticized. I have lost at least 30 karma, over it, they hide your coments after -10. Most comments that bad are deleted by the mods, because they are racist. It is a very unpopular opinion.

Honestly I love inception, could do without the Love=Suicide drama. Ellen Page is like super adorbs, talks about permaculture publicly, and can do no wrong, in my book.

Honestly could not give a fuck less about Batman. I think his movies are particularly bad, because it is a kid franchise. How are you going to stop every little boy in the world from seeing a movie, that teaches that bad is good, and good is bad. I freaked out, because babies watch it and media does matter. Make as dark of movies as you want, just don't sell toys or onesies for it. I can see how that movie drove that guy either crazy, or to hate the fans enough to kill people.

    I really got viscerally upset at Interstellar, like I wanted to vomit. I lost probably 40 karma for saying that on Reddit.

    Look up the work of Norman Borlaug on plant diseases , or spend your whole life figuring out a black hole, and gravity=love. WAT?

    I understand he made more money by avoiding actual problems like global warming. Still nope, it was infuriating crap. There was still tons of water and wild plants.

    It might get a kid interested in physics, whose parents wouldn't have let them see a more realistic movie.

    I study agriculture so all the problems looked easy to me. I had to relate it to my boyfriend working in IT to the worst hacker plot line ever.

    Certain soil bacteria use nitrogen to fix it from the atmosphere to soil. If something mutated to become capable to use the atmospheric nitrogen directly, a real scientist would see this as an opportunity to use the mutation in genetic engineering. Fungus wouldn't try to blow up the atmosphere, they are fun guys and that is out of character.

    The dust bowl was caused by the introduction of tractors. Make a roomba tractor, you are going to get dust storms. The USDA has tons of programs that incentivize planting windbreaks and curb erosion. They also are pretty good at handling plant disease. For some sinister reason the department of education and department of agriculture are not being funded, but humans are being sent past Saturn. We could not afford that today. NASA is stupid and evil in this story. They are also stunting the education of people who may criticize any of this.

    If they cannot stop a plant disease on earth or change the atmosphere, how the fuck are they going to terraform this alien planet. With their mindset all those people are way dead. It seems like a happy ending, but I have zero faith in any of those "scientists" to keep a single fucking person alive.

    All it takes to breed plants resistant to blight is some common sense, wax paper, and a stapler. Anybody that understands what they were doing, detastling corn in jr. high, could save them. Going through a black hole for any reason is insane.

    I study permaculture. In the scene were they follow the drone to the lake you see a diversity of wild plants and the nearby lake is huge. Permaculture is the emulation of natural forests to meet the material needs of people. It involves a disease reducing polyculture of plants and long lived plants that you do not have to replant every year. None of these problems would happen with this system. If one of the plants in a forest garden has a disease, you still have more than 5 plants producing food at the same time, in the same space.

    If I lived in this world, I would have a windbreak of Korean Nut pines that would be trapping topsoil into a hill. I could plant a ground-cover on the hill every year and acquire tons of soil from my neighbor. It might choke out my pine nuts that I could sell for $25 a pound, but it would be worth the nutrients I would gain.

    There is nothing I can do if no one is willing to figure out how to kill a plant disease, that would cause the atmosphere to explode. One huge problem I had was them completely not acknowledging Mars. Yes Mars is way to hard for these idiots to figure out, since the everyday problems there are way worse that this drama on earth. Or you could make up bullshit about people from the future opening up a wormhole in time/space to get people to a perfectly habitable planet.

    Read Kim Stanley Robinson's series Red, Green, Blue Mars for some real fucking SCIENCE fiction (coming Spike series). Not just some bullshit CGI money grab, that makes the public more stupid from watching.

A recycled rant.