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comment by francopoli

Musk is not a perfect saint by any means. But I am starting to get a Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders vibe every time i see him in the news. These people are not perfect but the massive shilling and hit pieces against them are glaring in their biases. I'm not a Ron Paul fan -sorry guys but he is a religious nut with a few good ideas once in a while- but the media rail road of him was embarrassing. Now the same thing is going on with Sanders: the media narrative is that he is unelectable while reporting on large crowds at his events, sort of like how Howard Dean was treated for those of us Deaniacs who remember ancient history. And with Rand Paul standing alone against the Republican Establishment, watch the tone of reporting on him shift here over the next months.

The guy who wrote the Tesla hit piece, Jerry Hirsch, has a history of not liking Telsas and Musk. That is fine and should not be a negative... biased news still serves a point as long as we all know that source has a bias (Fox vs MSNBC VS Breitbart VS HuffPo for example). He wrote a FUD article last year on driverless cars and how they are going to impact US automakers and seems to love SUVs. After his hit piece earlier where he spun Tesla's Q1 earnings as doom and gloom, I looked at his history and now put him in the 'Tesla Counter-point' file. When people start glowing about Tesla, I'll find this guy to read the counterpoints.

If the last year has taught me anything, it is that media is broken. From top to bottom the media, news, press is damaged, broken and failed. Reality means nothing, facts are opinions, opinions and feelings are all that are important. When there is a narrative to push, PUSH hard. Sob stories everywhere, e-begging for clicks, reblogs and Patreon donations. Can we make this boring story of slight importance about race or gender so we don't have to think hard about it? Sure we can! And we can ride the outrage express to increase our advertising footprint! Newspapers and TV are nothing but glorified blogs with bigger budgets. Bloggers are looking for a payday and there are many that will say anything to stir up nonsense to get clicks. Youtubers are now disclosing conflicts of interest in reviews, but not in news segments; not even they are immune and can't really be trusted.

Get some news from multiple sources. If news makes you angry, that news is pushing something, either outrage baiting for clicks, or to glue your eyeballs for ads. Find a news source that is 100% your political opposite and read it at least weekly so that you have some perspective on how to argue and defend your ideas. If something looks like a hit piece, look at who pays the author. If something looks like a fluff piece, LOOK WHO PAYS THE AUTHOR.

One of the absolute best things noticeable in people much younger than myself is how they are all a bunch of cynical bastards when someone in 'authority' makes a claim. I love it. I've given talks at the local libraries only to have a group of 14-16 year olds walk over to me demanding that I explain why this website is right or wrong, and make me defend myself. They give me an opportunity to talk about what science is and how to ask questions and detect bullshit. And those are skills we all need to hone.

veen  ·  1386 days ago  ·  link  ·  

If you haven't already, you should read Ryan Holiday's Trust Me I'm Lying which tells you exactly how blogs and news that get their news from blogs are awfully broken. Note: he has the tendency to use hyperboles regularly, so stay critical when reading, but I found it an interesting read nonetheless.

francopoli  ·  1386 days ago  ·  link  ·  

That is on my list, and will be sent with the next round of reading.