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comment by coffeesp00ns
coffeesp00ns  ·  2014 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: As Police Go Idle, So Do New York City Courts

    ‘We are going to stop making arrests unless we absolutely have to.' ”

I think this is the most interesting quote in the whole piece. There are so many things - like riding your bike on the sidewalk - that you don't need to be arrested for, or get a ticket for. Just tell them to get the hell off the sidewalk, and make sure that pedestrians know their right to a safe sidewalk.

I guess the greatest difficulty is the one of creating a culture where people don't think it's okay to commit minor crimes all the time. Some of that process comes from deciding what is a "crime" and what is being an asshole but not criminal, Some of that process comes from implementing things like Bike lanes so that bikers don't feel unsafe on the road.