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comment by rezzeJ

I disagree that there's no way to warm up it, especially if you're versed in some of the deeper realms of electronic music.

The beat in this track, albeit somewhat disjointed, is akin to that of a 2 step garage beat. Think Burial. Both pieces of music share a similar aesthetic in various ways. Thom Yorke of course went on to work with Burial on a couple of tracks, both also featuring Four Tet. Although different in almost every other sense, this aforemention beat immedicalty made think of this track by Objekt.

The discordance or it all is also quite common within the more underground sounds of electronic music. This for example, or perhaps even this. A lot of Yorke's influences seemingly come from the electronic scene. If you have a dig around in its depths, sound like the ones presented in this thread will not be uncommon. Not trying to detract away from the piece, as it is definitely unique, stylised, and interesting. I just think there's plenty of musical links which diverge in to this piece that would allow one to be already open to its sound.