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comment by Saouka
Saouka  ·  2279 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Thor 2 is a Cinematic McDonald's Cheeseburger

    Watching a dull mess like Thor 2, you naturally turn to the villains for entertainment

...I went to go see it FOR Loki. Was I the only one? I saw Avengers, didn't like any of the hero side but adored the evil side and had a lot of support in doing so. If not only because Hiddleston is damn attractive. I don't think it was because the good side was that unlikeable, the watcher/observer guy was interesting and I enjoyed watching him tear down a ship by himself.

In Thor 2 I liked Frigga; Thor & Loki's mother a lot too, so I felt quite conflicted over sides. Seeing as my interest in the film could be summed up as "Tom Hiddleston is in it and I want to see if he did win post-Avengers", I felt quite happy watching it. There were enough female characters for quite a male-dominated genre, the secondary relationship of Darcy & Intern was pleasantly reversed from the traditional boy girl power relationship, so my feminist side was fine.

What was really missed in the review was how funny the film was. It didn't take itself seriously in the slightest, it was happy to have two or three jokes in each scene and they weren't bad. There was a portal-esque reference earlier on, there's a lot of wackiness and it felt like a solid move from comic book humour to film humour. Is it a masterpiece of film? Nope. But it didn't bill itself as anything higher, and I don't think it criticised as such.