I'm not sure if you read it, but this brought a piece by Venkat Rao to mind. Software might not be eating the whole world. Maybe just the middle class. :/

On a related side note, part of my impetus for the 'following authors' suggestion has to do with giving them a toehold. I'm seeing numerous new blogging platforms like medium and svbtle popup, and I'm not sure that it's headed to a healthy place. It seems to me that a large camp believes that institutions of journalism can be replaced with platforms. This may or may not be true. However, IMO any positive outcome needs to intrinsically link value to the author, regardless of the size of their readership. This might not be a big issue for Bors, but for those following in his footsteps, the landscape might be less fertile.

I do see that there is an issue that authorship might be an edge case for Hubski, and could bias the types of submissions here. I'm not sure it can be implemented in a useful way. But, that's my reasoning.

posted by kleinbl00: 2114 days ago