I can't get past my childhood fucked-up-Boy-Scout fascination with fire. This is insane, and awesome. And terrifying, because sequoias are treasures.

Sorry about the Jerry Brown mention.


These fires have a major impact on a lot of things. It really hit me a few weeks ago when I was at Los Prietos camping. 2 years later and all the rivers and ponds in the mountains are still dry. These are rivers and ponds I used to swing and jump into when I was younger. The river used to come over the road at a few spots - like 2 or 3 inches - that cars would splash through on the way to cliff dive was empty. Now you could walk all along the riverbed and it was complete desert. Really, really odd. And when you live in a desert and need that water to shower and, well, yeah. Bad news.

posted by flagamuffin: 1966 days ago