Tattoos are having a moment. From full on sleeves to simple stamps of expression, tattoos are infiltrating mainstream culture at an unprecedented rate. Here, I investigate the lure of the ancient art - and the inspiration behind its awesome comeback.


When I was younger, in the 1980s there were a lot of people sporting tattoos. These were the types of people that enjoyed glam rock. That sort of went away in the early 90s. Then, in the late 90s it seemed to have picked up again. That was my observation at least. I will say that there are many more tattoos these days, or perhaps I'm just noticing them more because they are so much more enjoyable to look at. I have a couple of friends from high school that are tattoo artist and they do fantastic work. It can be such a beautiful artform.

My hesitation to get a tattoo is based on how much my taste in art has changed over the course of my life. Paintings that I would have excitedly hung on my wall at the age of 21 would never grace my walls these days.

However, one late night spending time with mk, we both agreed that we would get Hubski tattoos when our community reached 100,000 people. I will gladly make that my first tattoo.

posted by urbantimes: 2035 days ago