Following the success of SeventhProphet's first word game, I've prepared a list of words for this week. The competition ends next Friday, the 30th of August, at 7pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Rules (written by SeventhProphet):

>1) Making it known that your use of the word is for the purpose of this challenge renders that usage obsolete as far as scoring goes.

>2) You must provide links to your uses. This is to remove the risk of people making false score claims.

>3) Due to the close-knit community nature of Hubski, too many people may end up in on the game for this to work, so feel free to earn points by using the word(s) in comment sections of other websites, so long as any link to that comment will remain active (Other rules still apply)

>4) The use of the word(s) must be in a grammatically correct sentence. So no simple throwing random words into comments for points.

>5) you must have used each word at least once in order to be at all counted in the final scoring

This week's words are:






Feel free to comment on my choice of words, it was more difficult than I expected!


I am absolutely voracious for this weeks game! May surreptitious use of the words ensue.

posted by kdelwat: 1944 days ago