Finding an actor everyone loves is difficult—but I think Gene Hackman falls into that category. It’s not even that, like Tom Hanks, his characters are almost all lovable mensches, because Hackman is magnetic even and maybe especially as a scumbag, which is what makes his performance as Royal Tenenbaum so perfect.


(I apologize for seeming to be commenting on seemingly everything of yours today. It's purely coincidental.)

Royal was the perfect final role for Hackman. He played the character absolutely flawlessly because I feel he felt a lot of himself in the character. Possibly because of that, I've always felt a kindred spirit in Royal. He's a great character because he seems so real, and, while heartlessly thoughtless or selfish many times, truly does care about others and can recognize his mistakes (if you pull teeth.)

I love Wes Anderson, and especially this film. There's a special connection I have with it due to one of my absolute most loved people in the world. We feel like Margot and Richie, in a kind of "in love but beyond ever even conceivably being together again, for a relationship is laughably simple for us." Ironically, my fiancé loathes the film. The universe churns mysteriously.

posted by thenewgreen: 2101 days ago