As you can see from his last #tincan Hubski post, JakobVirgil had made progress on #tincan. I had been in regular communication with him (email and chat), and then shortly after this last post, he disappeared.

The last chat I had with him, maybe a few days after that post, he expressed guilt for not being done with the app yet. I haven't been able to contact him since (about 1 month now).

I haven't met him face-to-face, but thenewgreen has, and he seems a good guy.

I have Tin-Can stickers, but JakobVirgil is gone.

We raised $1800 for Tin-Can. I gave 10% to steve for making an awesome video, and gave JakobVirgil the rest. After Kickstarter and Amazon Payments took their cut, he got somewhere near $1300. $100 of that was a pledge from me.

I am quite certain that JV was actually working on it, and I know that he communicated with some people from the Serval Project, and got some technical help from them. For most of the time he seemed genuinely excited about it.

I've done everything I can to contact him, and to give him the benefit of the doubt. I know that he was struggling with some real world issues. However, at this point, I personally have lost hope that Tin-Can will be completed.

It's a damn shame. Not only did we lose Tin-Can, and we lost a good Hubskier. I considered JV a friend.

This really sucks, and I am sorry for being a part of this. I put my real name on it, and he didn't.

Maybe he will resurface.


This is super strange.

    Not only did we lose Tin-Can, and we lost a good Hubskier.

Are you suggesting something might be wrong? Like in danger? Or do you think he just bolted with the money? Or is it pointless to speculate?

He hasn't been active on Facebook since May 1.

posted by mk: 1993 days ago