Nobody gets this until they have kids. EVERYONE I know that is a childless pet owner that I've discussed this with thinks it would never happen to them and that I'm some sort of monster, but it does happen. Every single time. Before you have kids, your pets are like your kids. Once you have a kid, your pets become your pets.

It's that simple. I love my dogs but if I could go back in time and erase having ever gotten them, I would strongly consider it. If I call up my mom and ask her if she'd like to take my daughter for a weekend, the answer is almost a certain "yes". Friends will say to you, "anytime you want a babysitter, let me know," and they really mean it. -Nobody ever says, "hey, can I watch your two 40 pound dogs for a weekend." -NEVER HAPPENS.

Dogs are a huge responsibility if you are a good dog owner. Before taking that leap, think. Think hard. Also, inevitably there will come a day like this and let me tell you... it sucks

posted by cliffelam: 1997 days ago