I've thought about running. It seems very serene.

A recent comic by The Oatmeal has inspired me to begin running.

To those who run on Hubski, why do you run?


All of you runners, I would like you to check out Charity Miles. It's an app that allows you to earn .25 cents per mile run for a charity of your choosing. They list the approved charities on the site and there are some good ones there. I run for the Wounded Warriors Project.

If you already run with your phone for music or for "run keeper" or something like that, you can just turn on "Charity Miles" before you begin and earn some $ for a good cause by doing what you would have done anyways.

flagamuffin, glitchinthematrix, blackbootz, CHA0S_, pseydtonne, joelg236, BrainBurner, ButterflyEffect, zebra2, mhr, cW -check it out guys/gals. It's a pretty cool thing that I'm glad exists. Any of you already using this?

posted by BLOB_CASTLE: 2124 days ago