Coverage of organized crime and violence in the Mexico City press took a dive during the first three months in office of President Enrique Peña Nieto. The national media pullback is not the product of intimidation by criminal gangs; it is a response to government policy.


My mom was just in Mexico City during a political riot. She was shopping in town when all of a sudden people began mobilizing and marching down the street. She was ushered in to a jewelry store and was told to hide in the back. She heard a lot of gunfire etc. After many hours she was rushed out the back of the store and placed in a car and taken back to her aunts house. Several people were killed, many businesses windows were broken and the stores were looted. The next day the heads of those killed were spiked and out on display for all to see.

Pretty gruesome stuff. She didn't understand the political ramifications or what it was all about. She simply said to me, "this is the last time I'm visiting family here. They can come see us from now on."

posted by NotPhil: 2010 days ago