Not good for social stability.


There was a line in there that said that a teen that is out of work for 6 months, statistically will continue that trend for up to 10 years. I'd say that this is most definitely not good for social stability. If you read through the comments on the site, people suggest that this is because immigrants are taking the fast-food and other jobs that were traditionally held by teenagers.

Here in NC, I have noticed many hispanics working at fast food places, but I've also noticed many white and African American workers that are older working at them. I would guess that many of these people are underemployed. So, it would seem that the teenagers are losing jobs to the under-employed adult and potentially the immigrants.

I never had difficulty finding jobs as a teenager. I worked at sandwich shops, as a janitor at a daycare center, at Pizza Hut and in the summers I painted houses. I wonder how I would fare these days?

posted by mk: 2174 days ago