scarp: This is so sinister that it's almost surreal. But media manipulation is so rampant that I've become desensitized to it. It's expected now. Although seeing it outlined so explicitly is still quite disturbing.

More interesting than that, I think, is the preface to it all. It's interesting that the men who wrote this report favor a Republican Congress over a Democratic one. If it's true that Democrats are looking to absorb OWS, I wonder how they will react. Will they take it as a threat or an opportunity? Embracing such a move would likely dilute the potency of the movement. It would also give ammunition to the American Bankers Association's attempt to identify "backers and funders, extremist leaders, policy positions, and rhetoric" which they can paint as enemies, manipulators and conspirators.

On some level it is reassuring to know that they find OWS to be "an organized competitor who is very nimble and capable" of posing a real threat. But I'm not too confident that they will be able to weather the ensuing shitstorm of the 2012 election cycle, if they make it that far.

Also: does anyone else know why this note is dated from the future?

posted by mk: 2618 days ago