I think the jury is still out when it comes to BGH, and I drink organic milk much for this reason. BGH is given for a reason, and that's to increase milk production. In a biological system, everything is connected. BGH might not be higher in the milk, but there are plenty of other things that might be, including miRNA's, which to my knowledge haven't been significantly investigated. There's a significant difference IMHO with eating small amounts of chemicals that could be toxic at other doses or in other forms, however, dosing animals and drinking their milk results in a lot of unknown variables. Also, saying that BGH doesn't act as a growth hormone in humans doesn't mean that it doesn't have other actions. At any rate, the story it too complicated to pick apart by concentrating on that or IGF-1.

Everything else here seems very fair.


The world would be a much better and well-informed place if everybody had a basic understanding of Chemistry and Biology. A chemical used in a weapon is just as likely to be used in food or cosmetics or anything else. Too many people have a view of Chemistry and Chemicals being rigid, which is entirely false. Same goes for Biology, a substance can affect your body in vastly different ways depending on how the compound is used or formed.

posted by mk: 2159 days ago