Making kids play team sports in PE is neither healthy nor educational, uses as an example: dodgeball, probably the most sociopathic "team sport" of them all.


If we assume that the purpose of schooling and education is to prepare the students for real life, eliminating team sports is an awful idea. Working on a team with people who are better than you at what you're trying to accomplish is very relevant to real life. And the author is blaming her loneliness as an adult on not being good at team sports in primary school? Come on. The article she cites to support that does say that slightly more than half of the girls asked disliked their experiences in gym class. BUT, there is no mention of problems in working in teams. One interesting thing the article does mention that I think plays a major part is the girls being afraid to be viewed as less feminine if they are good at sports or if they sweat. This is a much deeper societal problem that is showing up in the gym class environment, but exists everywhere. So no, I would argue that team sports are actually vital to the curriculum and doing away with them would lead to much more harm than good with respect to the futures of the students.

posted by Mindwolf: 2077 days ago