But when they're on the job food scientists and marketing people are so focused on their work of being successful that they tend not to see anything sinister in what they're doing.

Supervillains are wicked lame in our reality.

All of what the article explores, plus the existence of chemically engineered and relentlessly honed flavoring is an actual recipe for disaster. When I first lived abroad I got really sick for a few months. One of the guys I worked with said he and other people, Americans in particular had gone through something similar. What he attributed it to was us dealing with food that hadn't been processed or treated with as many pesticides. He's kind of nuts, but I've always wondered if there was anything to what he said. Also, he didn't seem to think that the rainbow defoliants sprayed all over Vietnam in the war years or the rampant disregard of safety regulations in the years following said years could have made it into the food we were eating.

posted by Hapi: 2086 days ago