StJohn has kindly offered a FREE download of his book Radium Baby (available free from May 5-7), so Radium Baby will be the book discussed in 3 weeks (25th of May 2013). I will create a post here on hubski. If you have not finished the book by then, just beware of spoilers.

Since a Google Hangout was suggested to discuss the book, I wanted to know at what times you could be online to partake in the discussion. I personally live in Europe, but don't mind staying up late on weekends to discuss literature.


Enjoy reading and don't forget to thank StJohn!


fuffle -shout out mistake in post.

Count me in to discuss on Hubski. I'm not sure I can do the G+, but ill know closer to the date. Thanks for organizing this Witted

posted by Witted: 2271 days ago