When we released our very first game, Game Dev Tycoon (for Mac, Windows and Linux) yesterday, we did something unusual and as far as I know unique. We released a cracked version of the game ourselves, minutes after opening our Store.


First off, no one pirated the game. The company put a copy up itself, you can't have anyone steal what you gave away.

Second. would nearly so many people have "pirated" this game if they hadn't pulled this publicity stunt. I understand that pirating is a problem but pretty sure the majority of people "stealing" this game heard about the clever twist in torrented copier and wouldn't have touched it otherwise.

Third. The developers pretend to take a stand against DRM that lessens paying players experience and claim to not have any DRM on their game. But they also say that with purchase you get three copies of the game. Only being able to download three copies is a form of DRM. Not saying DRM is right or wrong, just that these Devs are trying to get credit for not playing the DRM game while using DRM. I might be wrong about the three copies, if I am it's because the DEV's were unclear in their language.

posted by forwardslash: 2215 days ago