Apologies for tooting my own horn, but..... I just launched a campaign to raise funds to publish my illustrated book on http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-practical-guide-to-squat... Hopefully it will do well, and become yet another example of a successfully funded + crowd-sourced project. Support independent art!


I've been a squatter for more than 7 years but last year our right wing (Dutch) government decided to make squatting illegal. But there are still loopholes. My city (Eindhoven) had this eviction of a famous squatted bunker in 1990, in which all sorts of cultural events were being held. 300 policemen to get rid of 4 squatters who had walled themselves up inside plus some supporters out front and on the roof. http://www.eindhoven-in-beeld.nl/picture/number31734.asp After they demolished the building the lot stood vacant for more than three years. The mayor decided that future squats in this city could only be evicted if there was a real plan for building something else in its stead. So Eindhoven is the only dutch city where you can still squat. My squat where I used to live is still standing proud amidst 3 others for more than 20 squatted years. Our cultural centre that we squatted after the bunker was bought by us after 2 years with the loan of a friendly alternative bank. Squatting was the best thing I have ever done in my life. It made me what I am now. Independant, freethinking, DIY and very adventurous. We had the best parties, the nicest neighbours and an immense pride in what we were doing.

posted by Lu: 2061 days ago