So a little explanation is necessary.

Corrlinks is the parasitic, monopolistic "email service" that federal and state prisoners, if they behave, can use to communicate with their loved ones. Inmates are allowed to contact five email addresses. Those five email addresses are pre-screened. The people who have those email addresses can block communication at any time for any reason. Emails are read by corrections staff before they are transmitted either way. And, of course, the inmate pays 20 cents a minute to read his email and respond to it. Which, considering most inmates are making about 20 cents an hour allows Corrlinks to profit mightily off the friends and loved ones of the inmates, who are generally the ones who keep their convict in quarters.

Corrlinks, as a service, is basically a terrible version of PHP mail. Imagine SquirrelMail in early alpha stage in, say, 1996. It's not quite PINE, but it might as well be.

Combine these facts with the fact that people who know people in prison tend to be, erm, of lower socioeconomic status, realize that everyone has Facebook in this day and age, and what you're left with is a "fan" page part tech support, part social support and part open mic night.

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my pops been in prison every since i was a baby my ma raiesed me im 13 now he still in

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My husband has in till 2019 in the federal prison and I'm hoping by then God will have the email ministries...... going strong.

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Dunno. Maybe you had to be there.

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