This report isn't saying anything new; the PC market has been "dying" for some time now. I just don't understand why. In a sense I do - there has been a shift toward tablet and mobile computing. But I don't understand how either of these emergent devices take away from the PC market. Obviously there are people who have effectively replaced their PC with mobile devices and/or tablets, but I can't quite wrap my mind around the situations of these people. I can't imagine a tablet replacing my PC, and I'm not a particularly tech-y person, even. There are still a fair number of programs I use that I could not use on a tablet, ChemDraw for one. I guess I'm looking for insight into what sorts of individuals/employees have effectively replaced their PC with a tablet.


It makes me sad to see desktops begin to go by the wayside. It's not so much a matter of what one can and can't do on tablets or smartphones, its that people rarely OWN their device like I OWN my PC. I built it and I can do whatever I want with it and no walls stand in my way. Buy a smartphone on contract and suddenly walled gardens everywhere, locked boot loaders and locked stores and apps where communities wall themselves off. Even if you buy a tablet off contract where you can load whatever you want, the device itself will still be obsolete much faster than a PC which I can keep upgrading for years.

It's incredibly frustrating to see 3D printing, arduino, etc which promise to free us from typical manufacturing paradigms coming along, and also see electronics (and the internet), once a bastion of intellectual freedoms, begin slipping under new regulations, contracts, walled gardens, etc. I want to really own the things I own. I want to be able to run the programs I want to run on the OS I want on the hardware I choose!


posted by feelgood: 2092 days ago