If reducing “college costs” just means reducing the price students pay, that is really an argument about who should pay. It is not about cutting “college costs”, it is about having people other than students bear those costs. It is about shifting costs. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, but if you are arguing for shifting costs, you really should spend time explaining who you want to shift those costs on to. Saying “cut college costs” conveniently leaves out the explanation of who is going to bear the costs going forward.


Where I live, in MI, the state spends more on prison than on college. I would certainly love to shift the costs away from the penitentiary and toward the academy. That way, only the accounting is different. No new taxes. Lower fees for undergrads. More educated population. Fewer people incarcerated (poignant, given the administration's new position on drugs). It seems like everyone can win.

posted by thenewgreen: 2096 days ago