So I had an idea.

I was taking notes in class the other day, and realized my penmanship could be much better. Then I thought of how people in colonial days had fantastic handwriting due to the fact that they wrote all the time. Imagine if we hand wrote everything we typed, our penmanship would be fantastic. That led me to wonder through what avenues could I write more aside form a journal or something similar. Then it struck me: Hubski Pen Pals! We'd pair up through some system I'll figure out. I was thinking maybe pen pals could be of opposite genders and have a large age gap to increase differences in pen pals.

If you're interested, comment with your gender and age. I think that'd be the most interesting combination that way the elder of the two could impart some wisdom on the younger. I think this could be something very worthwhile that could last well into the future.

Edit: A few of you have expressed interest in the pairing being random, so since this is a democratic system, that'll how we'll go about it. I'll let this thread go on for a few days to accumulate those interested to amount to at least 10. Also, thanks AnSionnachRua for my first badge!


I'm in.

Edit: Perhaps age and gender need not be disclosed? These are some of the things that may be interesting to find out via our letters, right? Even if two people are the same age and sex, you can learn a lot from them. I wouldn't over-think the pairing and make it random. Just my advice.

posted by BLOB_CASTLE: 2109 days ago