The regions’s borders have long been artificial. The war in Iraq accelerated their demise.


    Another clear lesson is that, if our leaders are going to intervene in another country’s fate (and not just in the Middle East), they should have some understanding of the country’s politics, history, and culture—which is to say, they should have some notion of the consequences of their actions—ahead of time.

No, that's not a lesson; that's common sense. The real lesson is to not the the government hijack the 'debate' in the media, if which there wasn't one in this case. Krugman had a nice column this morning where he reminisced about how any detractors were silenced by major news outlets, cast as out of touch by a tautology that said that 'main stream' was anyone who agreed with the Administration. He cites the Washington Post and others, but curiously leaves his own paper out of it, even though they were one of the worst offenders. Remember when Bush fired a top general for saying they needed 400,000 troops? How about when he fired one of his economists for saying the war could cost $2 billion? The media ate that shit up instead of highlighting it. As we all know, even those estimates turned out to be incredibly optimistic.

These last few days have really reminded me how much I loathe W. I'd almost forgotten, since he's been so invisible since his departure. His whole bunch perpetrated a crime against humanity, and the media were their biggest cheerleaders.

posted by NotPhil: 2228 days ago