Why I Love Comic Sans

Comic sans is the clearest and easiest to read of all fonts available in the font kit. I create activity books for my courses. We work through the material, discussing concepts, fill blanks, and complete quizzes -- all in Comic Sans. No other font seems to have the warmth and approachability of Comic. I'm aware that as the song says, "Comic Sans is the best font in the world/if you want your designs to look like their done by little girls." Scroll down the bancomicsans link for the song.

From time to time, my students mock me and send me all the "hate Comic Sans" stuff out there. Yet I persist. I'd be happy if hubski had a Comic option. As the song goes "To ban it would be ever so drastic/How can you hate a font that's so fantastic?"

posted by joelg236: 2236 days ago