So, I had an oddly relevant conversation on my home IRC network today.

[14:11:06] <Zapmeister> anyway someone claiming to be from the guardian was asking me the other day for permission to put my anagram world map on the show and tell section of their website [14:11:13] <Zapmeister> but before i could reply [14:11:14] <flag> wait wait [14:11:15] <flag> wait [14:11:18] <flag> waaaaaaaaaait [14:11:25] <flag> explain that bit about your anagram map [14:11:34] <Sunset> he made it three years ago if i remember correctly [14:11:44] <Zapmeister> hang on [14:12:01] <flag> [14:12:03] <flag> oh hey [14:12:06] <flag> that was you on mapporn [14:12:10] <Zapmeister> well before i could reply they sent me another message saying that since i anagrammed afghanistan as "shag a infant" they'll have to pass on it

posted by user-inactivated: 2149 days ago