Not much substance to the article, except this awesome factoid:

    Alcohol burns your tongue, overwhelming your tastebuds with pain. When the alcohol is diluted you are much more capable of detecting its subtle flavors. Dude-bros may howl at this, but it's true. Even scotch, a drink for purists, is traditionally served with water. Yes, in Scotland. In fact, this tradition dates back centuries. After the failed Scotish rebellion of in the late 1600s, Scots were required to toast the King of England when they drank. Instead, they would raise their glasses over the water on the table. That way when they said, "To the King," they were really saying, "To the King over the water," referring to the Stuarts living in exile.

EDIT: outcry has forced them back to 90-proof. Glad America cares about the right things.


The other substance to the article is in pointing out that Maker's Mark sucks balls. I'm not a big fan of bourbon to begin with, but the author is right that Bulleit blows it out of the water. In general, the only type of American whiskey I keep in the house is Rye. I try to preach it to people whenever they will listen. Rye is so much more pleasant than bourbon. Bulleit and Jim Beam make decent ones, and most Canadian whiskey has a high percentage of rye. Its the reason a $13 bottle of Canadian club beats the shit out of a $25 bottle of Jack Daniels or Maker's Mark any day.

posted by flagamuffin: 2289 days ago