Iam currently designing my photography website with the aim to promote my work and eventualy sell prints. Id like the front image to cycle through about 7 images i wounded if that was posible with Javascript and how compatable would that be with different browsers.

Also any design critique would be welcomed is it too minimal?



The easiest way to get a scrolly thingy is to use a premade one. There are tons. http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/freebies/javascript-sliders-sc... Then you can go through and edit it as needed, if you want to be all special. :)

It'll be compatible with most browsers. Some are more intense and complicated than others, and some are built around some whack ass CSS which will be the major issue is you're trying to look okay on IE7.

Be aware but not paranoid. I've found sometimes on a phone you lose the cool transitions and it just does a quick dissolve between slides.

I think for a photography site it does exactly what you want it to do: show off your photographs. Minimal is good.

I'll comment more in an hour.

posted by khaaan: 2173 days ago