I often wonder what good these definitions do. No one has autism. No one has Asperger's. People act in ways that invoke us to label them as autistic or having Aspberger's. However, to the best of our knowledge, we cannot agree upon what these definitions are, and thus we have settled upon a 'spectrum' label.

If you are shy, introverted, and easily overwhelmed by social activity, do you need to have Aspberger's as well? Does it benefit you? There are people that are walking about with the same degree of introversion and social awkwardness, and some of them have Asperger's and some do not, because of how they have been defined. There are some people that have equal trouble with reading and focusing their attention. Some of these people are learning disabled, and some are not.

I am quite sure that I have a mental illness, I just haven't spent enough time getting myself labeled with it.

IMHO we are speaking and acting too freely with words that we don't understand.

posted by insomniasexx: 2177 days ago