I don't necessarily disagree with this guy's take, but what's with his writing style and attitude? That said, he's hardly the first person to point out that we're generating a lot more data than we know what to do with, and that we are also generating a lot of useless data sets from which meaningless conclusions are often drawn. But, personally, I'm sick of the style of writing that's so prevalent on the internet. Instead of "I disagree and here's why", its always "fuck off and fuck you and everyone who agrees with you". Its a tired act that isn't entertaining, funny or valuable. Is this guy a smart person with something to say? Who knows. Why not prove it by offering an alternative to business as usual? My gut response to this article (and bear in mind that I agree with his main point) is "fuck off, douche bag." It solves nothing to talk that way. In science we need debate and reason, not mud slinging.

posted by thundara: 2423 days ago